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  • Substitute Bus Drivers

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Thank you for considering employment with the Wild Rose School District.

Mission Statement

The School District of Wild Rose, in partnership with students, parents, and community, will provide a challenging education to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, resourceful, resilient, and productive members of our ever changing world.

School Location/Setting

The School District of Wild Rose is a small rural school district in central Wisconsin, located in Waushara County. We are 98 miles north of Madison, WI and 39 miles southeast of Stevens Point, WI. The communities of Wild Rose, Saxeville, Mt. Morris, Pine River, and West Bloomfield, along with the surrounding rural areas of these communities make up our district. The district function hosts 4K/EC through 12th grade in two buildings (Wild Rose Elementary and Wild Rose Middle/High School).


There are approximately 600 students enrolled in the School District of Wild Rose. Of the 600 students; 87.5% are white, 7.8% are Hispanic, 1.3% are African-American, 0.1% are Asian, and 0.5% are American Indian or Alaskan Native. 38.6% of students are listed as economically disadvantaged. 11.1% of the total student population has special needs. 2.4% of our population is listed as limited English proficiency or English Language Learner.

The Wild Rose School District is characterized by:

  • Highly motivated and involved students

  • Broadly educated and talented faculty and staff members

  • Actively involved parents

  • A supportive community

Available postings:

We are currently accepting applications for:

  • Foodservice Manager/Head Cook

  • Substitute Bus Drivers

  • Substitute Custodians

  • Substitute Teachers