Dress Code

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A student’s appearance is important for maintaining a positive learning environment.  The primary responsibility for a student’s personal appearance and dress rests with the student and his/her parents.  We expect students and their clothing to be neat and clean.  The school expects that students will dress and groom themselves in ways that are appropriate for school activities. It is expected that students will wear clothing that will not detract or distract from the learning situation, be unsafe, suggestive, or unsanitary.  Please note the dress code standards:

  1. Items of clothing with suggestive messages or advertising alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

  2. Apparel which exposes the midriff, cleavage, and full shoulders.

  3. Exposed underwear and exposed clothing which resembles underwear.

  4. Shorts with an inseam less than four inches long.

  5. Dresses or skirts shorter than mid-thigh.

  6. Outer jackets, caps, backpacks/bookbags, bandanas, or other headwear are not permitted to be worn unless authorized by the office.

Please remember this is a place of education.  The school is responsible for maintaining a safe learning environment for all students.  If a student’s dress does fall outside these guidelines, they will be asked to make immediate changes or sent home if necessary.  All classes missed will be unexcused.